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Everest Dictionary version 3.10 beta

Everest Dictionary is the greatest of the free dictionaries available to the public. There are 35 dictionaries available to date. Its creator assured us that he will keep adding other dictionaries. The capabilities of this dictionary:
- Covers all main european languages
- The possibility to search words in many dictionaries
- It is possible to search words across many dictionaries
- It is possible to sesarch words using an index
- Speech agent; in the beta version, only the English words are correctly pronunced
- Intuitive aspect
- The search of the words can be customised
- The double-click-ing on a word will generate the automatic search of that in the active dictionaries
- Back button to return to the previous definition
- It monitors the clipboard; in any program, a simple copy of the word to the clipboard using "Copy" command will have as effect the automatic search of the word in the dictionary.
- It includes a little window (in order to learn new words), where it shows a word at random from the loaded dictionary
- The color of the found words can be customised.
- Everest Instant: translate words using clicking on words in the open documents
- Everest Game: a good tool for testing your knowledge of the language
- Everest Translator NEW - translate texts in severeal languages
- Everest Glossary NEW - create your own glossaries
- Everest Share NEW - share your glossaries and translations with your friends
- Everest Resources NEW - manage your favorite web sites


Dictionary nameWords
English English Standard176,050
English English Medical9,271
English English Acronyms21,513
English Synonyms63,877
English French ,French English Standard80,432
English German Standard Big437,909
English Italian Standard28,836
English Romanian Standard169,035
English Romanian Proverbs3,875
English Romanian Expressions43,375
English Romanian Tehnical INCOMPLET154,618
English Spanish Standard20,766
English Spanish Technical237,141
French Synonyms32,148
French Larousse53,518
French Romanian Standard INCOMPLET134,593
German Romanian Technical INCOMPLET167,775
Romanian French Standard21,983
Romanian German Standard19,403
Romanian Italian Standard16,795
Romanian Spanish Standard16,367
English Anthonyms4,881
English Hypernyms44,102
English Holonyms4,881
English Bible Names3,964
English French Tehnical INCOMPLET58,770
English French Medical4,377
German English Standard145,846
Hungarian English Standard 123,184
Portuguese English Standard194,640
German Synonyms NEW37,334
English Romanian Technical 2 NEW134,093
English Bulgarian Standard NEW128,235
Bulgarian English Standard NEW117,983

Everest Dictionary was created by Daniel Vladutu

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